Sunday, June 08, 2003

going to bombay

bombay becons. almost like a beacon. but what is the meaning of this moving on. and how far can i run from everything. sometime i will have to slow down. or i will be only with myself. i had thought about writing about a lot of things today. about decisions, about the future, about time travel. and i cant bring myself to rite about any of them. somehow, this whole blog just cannot reflect the kind of thoughts which go on in the head. and though we can kid ourselves about putting in our head in this place. the fact is, inside our minds there is so much going on, and of such complexity, that sometimes, we can just feel our thoughts. not be able to rite them.

being with myslef however, dosent frighten me. what does, is that someday, its going to be too much.and i wont be able to rationalize or give meaning to my life. i think for now, bombay will suffice. but sometime later. i dont know.
the light in my eyes went a little dim tonite.

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