Tuesday, June 17, 2003


this is a post on the movie. its interpretation is i think best left to the experts. one of the things that i understood from the movie was that simulcra and simulation (the book) has a lot of role to play in the movie. the idealogy of being able to predict thought process and accordingly modify choice sets which are available to allow the participant to reach only one conclusion is just beautiful. i mean, we are not able to predict because of variables whihc are either random or are not defined. like emotion. and random ones are not predictable because their probability is low it is difficult for a computing environment to analyze every probability.

however, imagine a computing environment which is able to counter both points. not only because of the scale of the system, but also because of its ability to intuitivly learn from previous encounters. that system can easily run down each and every probability and also account for emotional responses and accordingly give a tunnel of choices. i think that is what the matrix is all about.
however, think about responses which are not predictable even to yourself. only that emotional responses would not be understood. and those will b the clincer. right?!

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