Sunday, June 08, 2003

early mornin

its 6 am and the light throught the closed windows has a very delicate colour to it. its just a yellow glow coming in. its looking very good.
so i am up and it is a new day. sleep can be a very good thing. i got up on my own, inspite of putting wakemeup on the comp to well, wake me up!
i got up about 10 minutes before the alarm went off. strange, how our internal clocks seem to work all the time. all these days i was getting up at 11 in the morning and now, just boecz i have to go today at 830 am, i get up automatically at 6am!
cool, aint it!
the earlier quote about the box of grenades is either from to kill a mockingbird, or from some other place. i am hoping everything turns out just fine. this optimism in me, is the only thing taking me through all day and night. life could have been a lot better, but right now, it is good enough.

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