Saturday, June 07, 2003


so i dident go to bombay. we were trying to get my ticket confirmed, and well, it did not happen. so i fly on sunday morn. i reach there sometime before or around noon. get to know everyone. and then let the games begin. i am thinking of making this place into a information site for people to know how a management trainee feels the first few months in the company. i dont kow if that will be allowed (1), plus, i dont know if someone wants to know.

so if you(haha) think this can benefit you, please let me know. or, pls let me know. i like the smaller pls instead of the whole damm word.
first entry. call load rec ops.
still in chennai. havent been able to get to bombay. will be there on the sunday.

call load rec ops unload.

corny as hell!

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