Wednesday, June 04, 2003

here and there i have been

packing up. it takes quite a lot of time. its quite a mystery what bombay will be like. i have never gone there. though i have travelled to almost everywhere else. seen a tiger in the wild. gone white water rafting in the ganga. got bitten by wild bees in the nilgiris (and almost died). lived in delhi, guwahati, coimbatore, madurai, chennai, tuticorin, tirunelveli, trichy. been to countless places in india. but i have never been outside the country. i guess that will be remedied soon. :)

all my life i have been closest to nature i think. more than anything. i feel so comfortable in a quiet forest. and not of laziness. out of the awareness of life inside it. it is really beautiful. i wanted really to go to valparai this summer. but instead, i went to jaipur.

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