Saturday, June 14, 2003

a sufficient post

so i finally met anita. anand, she and i had lunch at only parathas. its a pretty good place ....and well, the parathas are excellent.

i asked her how she manages all the blogs that she does, and i think she sed its not so difficult. i on the other hand, am finding it very difficult to update even this modest place. a lot of times ofcourse, i dont have opinions. but whenever, i do, they are either philospophical, or just plain corny. i dont really know if people dig that kinda stuff (?)

a big bunch of us went to this place called club 9 last nite and came bak only at 2am!....however, i saw that a lot of the people over there just werent enjoying the place. i mean, far too many of the guys and the girls werent having fun. they were looking here and there, just making conversation. u know, they have this look in the eyes, that they would rather do something else. but that something i dont think they know what it is.
so they end up at club 9.
i hope i dont end up like that. i really had fun..the music was excellent...all kinds of stuff....floyd, duran duran, hip hop stuff, and then dance...and also some 80's stuff.
neat place. we will go there again the next weekend!
i dont think blogs need to be autobigraphical. in fact, an autobigraphical blog of a person having a stable life would frankly not generate enough traffic. (ofcourse, the assumption here is that the objective of a blog is to generate traffic!) blogs on generaic issues would probably generate more traffic.

i wont be discussing my professional life here. its not needed and it could affect some people later on, if i continue this. and no point getting into it, if i am not continuing it, rite?!
it will be restricted to talk about ideas, conflicts and interests.

and i will question assumptions of mine always

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