Wednesday, June 11, 2003

day 3

so its was all about the product today. it was interesting. no doubt about it.
however, i am thinking of some other higher things. like, what is the meaning of a line from infininty?

seen from an infinint perspective, any object is just a point. so, nothing really has a third dimension what?!
hmm...not really. it would be impossible to get to an infinite perspevtive. and hey, what about it being there?
that itself is defined by humans, isint it? since we cannot define something ad infinitum, we call that somehting infinite.

the matrix got banned in egypt. what i say is that there are some pretty screwd guys watching it over there to get the whole symbolism and the whole meaning of the movie and what it portrays. damm, this is pretty interesting! i mite be seeing it this weekend. i hope to give some commentary on it after that at some point of time.
i want to read simulcra and simulation primarily because of the matrix connection. in fact, i got to know about it through the matrix only. though i have no idea of what the damm book has!

so, today was the extended party at job. tomorrow, we will be seeing the vision, and the makers of it. at thier place of berth.

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