Wednesday, June 04, 2003

the errors

i found out that if i write after entering once on this place, all the font comes in as one size. earlier it wasnt. that was becoz it would pick up the font size of the date time stamp and only later, after i have entered once, would it pick up the paragraph font. frankly, i dont know why that happens. but this, i guess is like a patch.

i must say, the photographs on the blog look pretty good. i have half a mind to have lots of them on, and half a mind not to. it isint going to load fast enough first of all, and secondly, it just is too much trouble finding photos already on the net, which convey what i want to say.
i am downloading nero right now (for personal evaluation purposes only!) and it will take some time. so maybe i will put up something in that time here.

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