Saturday, October 18, 2003

i played cricket and pool today

after a long time(maybe a few years, i finally played cricket and really enjoyed it. i even won the first game. the rules are different. we were playing inside a volleyball court space. so the rules are such:

1) the ball if it hits any of the walls(apogee-20mtrs;perigee-30mtrs) is a four.
2) if the ball goes over the wall, its out.
3) you can get out 5 times. each out is -5 runs.
4) each player gets 3 overs to make as many runs as possible. if he makes 25 runs, he gets 2 more overs. and if he makes another 25 runs in those 2 overs, he gets 1 more over. if he makes 25 in that over, he gets another 3 overs

basically thats it.

then, before that(ha!) i was playing pool with some people from office. and hell. it was good. i was able to get the shots right. it was cool. won 2-3 games i think. it was a nice run. u know. after some time. i had a decent time.

everybody plays some sport at any given time

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