Thursday, October 09, 2003

the uncertainty principle

this is not about electrons and about matter and energy.

this is about how people can want to be in 2 places and be that too at the same time. it is almost funny when applied to humans.
but it really isint. the correlation between energy and matter. such a secret. the biggest. and one in which we havent been able to do anything. converting energy to matter isint possible is it?
wish it was.
one more thing.
i think everytime i come out of my office, it is like hitting a high. the cold office and then the warm air outside. the closed windows of my car and the warmth of the inside. then slowly, the realization of the heat and the rolling down of the windows. isint it almost like being high?
not that i would know for sure. but thats how evby talks about it.

so i am ok. rite? the writing on the blog suggests that.

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