Thursday, October 02, 2003

a technical snag

look at the image below.

now, how can adam and eve have belly buttons, if they werent born normally? you kow, through birth? and, if they shouldnt have belly buttons, or navels(or modals), then, how can anyone else after that?

i think this is a pretty good logical basis for refuting god. (the christian concept of it anyway). ofcourse, since this logic is very simple, it has had to have been thought of at some previous point in time, and some equally logical faith based reasoning must have evolved. pls let me know.
like, judas(not the priest), or someone like that, burned adam and eve becoz they ate the apple or something like that.

in any case, its a good one i think. i thot of this while reading ulysees. which i managed to pick up again after a long long time. and which i think is the toughest book i have read so far. ( or am reading)!

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