Tuesday, September 30, 2003


lot of rush in my life these days...as i listen tohere again.

i have also been trying to play the guitar a lot and have managed to play some chords and their variations. i am still however struggling with the C-D-E-G or something like that combination. a lot of times, i am not able to understand the maths of the thing. or the technical aspect of chords. the notes and the chord bit. i am trying.
ofcourse, all this since i am down with fever and am at home today. although i would have liked to see movies with my own gorgeous as exit stage left did when he was ill, alas, such a state does not exist currently.

so i slept most of the day, and did not watch any movies, though i should have. and i mulled, spoke on the telephone for some time, and generally wasted and killed time as my body became weaker. i think i need to do some lot of exercise.

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