Sunday, September 14, 2003


i got my guitar!

its an cool blue thing with a 20w amp. sounds good and looks real good!
so now, all i have to do is learn to play the thing. and play it real good, u know what i mean.
thing is. i realized somehting in the morning today. which is pretty important. its just that now, once the days over, it kinda sounds not so great as it sounded earlier.

its not who we miss that counts. its who is missing us that governs our actions.

strangely, as our societies become more and more independent and individualitic, people are finding themselves identifying with groups and being not as happy. in a way, all this individualism is for happiness right. but if we arent being that, then what is the point?

discussing god is such a strange thing. there cannot be a discussion on faith can there be?
can two people discuss the concept of faith and come to some kind of a conclusion on it. especially, if they hold differing views on faith in the first place.
or like socrates and plato, is discussion more about bringing the other person to our point of view by putting forward arguments which are based on his/her statements and then using them as a base to draw a corollary?
one which forces the other person to either differ on a fundamental issue or on his/her belief.

i think discussion in the form which used to happen in plato's time( would that be the platonic era?!!) are really not possible these days. primarily because battle lines are too well defined today. and secondly, since egos are uncaged animals now.

the vagaries of nature, bring me to this stature.
just a thot. hey. u have fun.
the guitar is going to wake up the neighbourhood tomorrow.

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