Tuesday, September 23, 2003

now, about rights

i was reading this thing about how bad wages were in the US. lot of people say that the US is this and that, and all they are able to do good is to show the best of themselves. maybe even the illusionary. hey, look at all the wars. the black fight for them. the black run for them. the white have the money. the black die for them( largest numbr of prisioners in the world). hell. everybody knows about it. and still. you guys stay there. for the freedom. for the anonymity? i think it is too great a price.

rights of man. when you can stand u without fear of retribution. and say. i live in my own idealist world of my own. one which has too many conditions on the quality of men. one which does not exist. the saddest bit is the cognizance of that fact. but i persist.

i was thinking last night. and i thought i am giving up my judgement for some time. i am not going to decide on the quality of my life and on the quality of my work for some time. some people dont understand that. but i think i have the right to experiment with a few years of my life. if nothing, to know what i dont want to do. ofcourse, in all this, my ego does kick in. and sometimes it is difficult to play the role i am trying to play.

sometime back my boss asked me, hey, what is your long term goal? and this is after a comment on the blueness of the skies these days.

and guess what? i dont have a long term goal.

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