Wednesday, September 24, 2003

a little clarity


clarity of thought is very essential to any process.
i saw the movie 'life of david gale' today. it was a movie the DVD shop i go to had suggested. i think it was a good bet. kevin spacey, in his usual 'clear' voice. and kate winslet, doing what she knows best. being emotional. and shedding the somalian water supply in the process.

there ws something too dramatic and plastic about the ending. the little lines towards the end were like they were in a play. a old shakespearean one, for that.

but the performances were good. and the plot was even better. what was great however, was the midsection. the thought process. the lines in the middle of the movie. one which really did not need the movie.

lines about life. about love. about what is expected and what happens. more than that, it is also the kind of thought process that most people go through. atleast, i think they do. midlife crisis about who we are and what we are here for. an understanding that all we ever lived for, is no longer living for us. that there is a need for something to now live for us. there is always a need to put our footprints on the sands of time(so they say). making that possible, is something we never think about earlier, and then realize it is too late to think about.

philosophy aside, and that formed the basis of david gale, the sunsets in the movie were amazing. is it to show how the sunset(the end of the day) is the most beautiful. and correspondingly, life. and the end of it, wishes to be like that?

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