Sunday, September 28, 2003

freddy fender

wasted days and wasted nights

this is a song playing on a sunday morning. and it says, why should i keep loving you. when i know you are not true.

this applies to me. from somebody else to me. self esteem takes beatings most from itself. there is something very sinister about retrospection. its like a devil making you live your personal hell(sometimes). nice and warm in your mind. many things. i think i have had enough of those like... that and this statements. i have made many earlier. they were beautiful. and still are. but thats it now.
sometime back this girl asked me to write a song that she could sing in college. so i did. i never got to know if she used it or not. strange isint it. if you ask someone to write a song for you. you atleast tell him what happened to it, right?
there are copyright issues and local content requirements to which i had strictly adhered to. there has to be information about creative content. hello, who is singing my song?(if at all!?)

i am going to office now. on a sunday. can you beat that.

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