Tuesday, September 16, 2003

on guitars and god

there is i think a lot of thot which goes into somethings. like god and guitars. both are things u need to have faith in. and sometime or the other, u need to have faith in something or the other. faith in oneself, faith in that, this.

i used to be a dreamer. now the dream has come to an end. in a way, that line has a lot of meaning. for me, in my own life, and generally, in the line itself.

there is something very sinister about coming to age. some bad after taste that lingers and makes u want to do something about it. makes you sometimes want to look back and see yourself playing and arguing about some silly thing like politics sometime back. however, the realization that there is not turning back and that this is the things that you were growing up to sets in, it feels very depressingly unfair.
i dont understand why the best years of life are never cherished as such while they are happening. we think of something ahead which will be better than this one.
like the indica car ad: its only human to want more

more than the metaphysical bit of life. are othe things that take up so much mind space that it becomes impossible to think of the things that u wud ideally like to think about. i think the balance lies in finding out and doing the two things simultaneously.
(is the spelling rite?!)

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