Monday, September 15, 2003

jus parathas and flat tires

it happened to me stories

so we went to jus paranthas and also got two flat tires. i dont kow how to take such things. see, if the food is good and the service is good, hell, u can flat the tires and i will be mad at the guy who flattened it. if the food is good, but the service is really lousy, i will blame everybody in jus parathas, inclsdung the managment for the flat tire. i mean, come one man. i want out and to go home and blog for some time, and there is this flat.
so i am wondering that there arent so many services in this country for odd times u know. strange. not very, but just a bit.
we drove the car back to a petrol pump on the flat, filled the tyres(i,y, what the hell), and then got it bak where mes parents were waiting. it was a good nite though all in all. fun thing. the wind is cool, the weather is nice, and i also slept in the afternoon.

it is strange how precious sundays have become. i think one needs time to oneself. its just some time we have on this planet after all.
i have one question. how many people reading this blog wish they were actually doing something else in their daily lives? really. u can just say, 'me'.
not many people read this blog. but still.
and then, hey, why arent you doing that thing?

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