Tuesday, September 09, 2003

lend me your ears

and i'll sing you a song, but dont mind if i am out of tune.

or something like that. this song from the 'wonder years' has been playing in my head since the last few days. and it is weird.
probably a call from my mental wild for some ear.
probably not. what utter rubbhisH!

its cool to leae space on your blog. like so.

its neat isint it. like u want to fill it with something. i think that is the cool bit.
so i was talking about putting my fotos on the net. i cudnt put them up on a major major space since i dont and wont (for some time) own a website. but they will be here.
its just the beginning i say to some. and to myself. so please forgive me. time is immemorial. fotos are not.

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