Tuesday, September 23, 2003

about rights

there is too much of hypocrisy. even i am one of them. (even i...like what?!)
i bought a new razor which uses a blade so i can save some money, and sometime in the future possibly start reducing the things i use which are actually luxuries.
and ofcourse, in the process, start helping out.
like i was discussing with somebody, this is all about getting your 'own dog'. something or somebody to care for, somebody who loves you. this innate nature of man to be held, to hold. to be bigger than himself/herself. to exist in the consiousness of another. isint it that drives us?
to affect. more than to be affected.

i think all this philosophical stuff primarily is also to possibly to do that only. to probe you. to make you think about this idea. i mean, look at blogs. why the hell? its all about putting up stuff so everybody can see and read and think about. or comment on. we wish to impinge.

so i was thinking how difficult however it is, to remove somebody from a consiousness. but that with time and effort and practise(!), that too seems not a difficult task. i think it is the story of knowing the path and then finding it easy to walk through it. tough it maybe, but the way is known.

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