Wednesday, September 10, 2003

things i want to do

or somethings that go on in my head in the course of a day. we al have brains and we all us them. just that some of use them and feel good about it, and others just use them.

go to estonia
read ulysees in one sitting
have a month off just to photograph stuff
have my camera record all those moments that i see all day, and wish i could record them
go trekking again( and not get almost killed this time)
publish another magazine
bring out another newspaper( and make sure it runs atleast for a year)
go to alanis morrisette's concert( i think she is SO wannabe-ingly cool)
make a cabinet for my computer with my hands. with metal and plastic and a power drill. and have 3 fans in it to cool my system(it get svery hot these days)
read read read
play an electric guitar everyday atleast for 10 minutes and feel like god( creating good music, that way)
see a tiger at 3am in the wild 10 feet away again(yaya)
walk in paris and in cincinnati sometime
take a bike and go from chennai to goa(and back)
make a ad(cool one-like the one in my head which is almost visible)
go shopping with a girl
row a boat in a lake with dense trees around and blue skies and white clouds above
walk along a almost flat mud path in the mountains in the afternoon after lunch
sleep after having an interesting conversation

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