Wednesday, September 10, 2003

things people say

so sometimes you gotta be like a girl. there is i think too many things we just dont do becoz they are girly and hey, they sometimes are a lot of fun.
its important to stop categorizing. not as a rule, but as often as possible.
what is, and what is not.
what is, is.
sometimes i can be profpund at all times of the day. the truth is, that is what i am. its not profound. its just some thought.
just that i dont need to get onto a lectern to start thinking. ofcourse, this statement has to be viewed in isolation.

to those people ( i know there arent , but still) who are first time visitors, blogs are increasingly becoming personalized messaging devices to people whom we want to send out messages to. this does not, however, expressly state that this blog, infact, does , or does not contain any such information, activity or propoganda( i guess this word will get me into the CIA's monitoring program- if they still have indians(read- the brains) to monitor the net!

i have become so opinionated that hell, i sometimes scare myself.

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