Tuesday, October 28, 2003

i ve a lot of u in me at the moment!!!

this is a line sed a long time back. eons back, i think. sometimes.

time goes by. things go by. people go by. it isint at all a waste. its all there, packed up very tightly. waiting to explode.
emotions. the definitive of man. a long time ago, i used to disregard them. now, i sometimes think they are the only things i have left. strange how life takes turns.

sometime back, i met someone. but the problem is that of start up. i think once the startup is faster, then the 'quality time' spent will be more. however, as always, the dependance is more.

it is strange how the life and the course of a person can sometimes be decided by another who dosent sometimes realize the importance of that person in the life. if that realization strikes, there will be a call.

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