Wednesday, October 22, 2003

the influence was quite a lot

i used to consider the beatles a band which just grew out of nowhere. one which had the kind of music a lot of people listened to and so the kind i really dident need to listen. probably the first media created phenomenon.

i wasnt so right i guess!

i have been listening to their music and been reading about them. the stuff is very non-traditional. in fact, it is. it dosent seem like that to me, thats all.

the music is very british. and it is very liverpool, in a way. u know. except for some songs in the later stages of their careers, almost all of them are free of political thought. just some guys playing some music. ofcourse, later on, harrison and paul and john all became very politically active. but that is almost inevitable. probably a offshoot of fame. even then, the music i very interesting. fresh stuff.

the best thing about these guys is that the guitar and the music is very simple. although i have no chance of playing the stuff on the guitar, with some practise, it can be done i think! unlike mr. slash, whose guitaring requires 30 eyes, 16 hands, and 7 brains.

about the song.
hey. i am just speaking my mind. is that a big enough crime?
running at such a speed, for all the things that arent in need.
forgetting that the things that really mean
just get lost in the blur of the wayside scene

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